In your MyWealthMap you will find:

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Estate planning and insurance planning
  • Budgeting and expense aggregation
  • Account aggregation
  • Virtual vault for important documents

Account View

In LPL Financials’ Account View you will find:

  • Detailed LPL Financial account information
  • LPL Financial Statements, tax forms and quarterly reports
  • Paperless options
  • Quicken downloads


It’s never too early to plan for the future – a major purchase, retirement, general investing.

Our online investment platform is designed for those with less complex needs. It combines the benefits of sophisticated technology with access to a personal financial advisor when the time comes.

It’s as easy as 4 simple steps

  1. Provide email
  2. Answer questionnaire
  3. Fund account/ open account/ link funds
  4. Sign digital documents

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

Assessing risk is a daily event in all of our lives, whether it is choosing your morning route to avoid heavy traffic, traversing a difficult ski slope for the safest run or evaluating an investment opportunity from which you hope to profit. All are driven by the assumptions you make based on personal experience, outside influences and your assessment of the risk that you perceive versus the outcome or reward that you hope for.

By properly assessing your risk tolerance you will be better able to gauge your personal ability to tolerate possible investment risks and downward fluctuations as well as assess your financial capacity to take such risks.

Navigation Group enlists a comprehensive questionnaire designed to help us to evaluate our clients’ risk tolerance. It`s purposely formatted without the use of industry jargon so those outside the investment profession can easily answer the questions. The questionnaire uses real world examples and scenarios allowing our clients to determine and understand their true risk tolerance.

If you would like to explore how your present asset allocation matches your risk tolerance click here.

Tools and Calculators

Although we believe that a comprehensive financial plan is the only way to fully understand and plan for your long term goals we believe these calculators may give you some helpful insight into your personal finances. By clicking below you will have access to a wide variety of interactive calculators and tools covering topics such as College Planning, Retirement planning and investing to name a few.

Check Up on Us

Do your research – check out your financial advisors, insurance agents, CFP’s, stock brokers and advisory firms.